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On 29 May, 2015 by mariobuzz

Every time I hear to talk about a spanish restaurant or market stall in London I run away, why? Well I think it is almost impossible to eat, affordable, quality Spanish food in London. Of course there are more and more good Spanish restaurants in London but all of them are out of my budget.

I heard about Netil House some time ago, a rooftop bar in Hackney where you can have some drinks while you enjoy views over london. Unfortunately I did not have the chance to give it a try last year, so when i read that Netil House reopened this summer 2015 as Netil 360, as a fully licensed venue with a bar and serving food, I could not wait any longer.

On top of all, that Netil 360 has become an Estrella Galicia pop-up, called Little Galicia, during May, June and a part of July.


Yes, you can see the skyline from the deck chair

Does Estrella beer sounds familiar to you?
Let’s talk about Estrellas (Stars), Estrella Damm, the beer from Barcelona, and Estrella Galicia, the beer from… Galicia.

They share a part of their names but they do not have any thing else in common, Estrella Damm is easy to find in Spain and even in London, Estrella Damm have invested a lot of money in the last 2-3 years to become known as the beer from Barcelona, taking advantage of its popular origin. Damm Group is one of the biggest brewery groups in Spain. However Estrella Galicia is an independent brewery and it keeps being a family business, positioning its brand as premium, more exclusive; quite the opposite to Estrella Damm, an everyday** beer for everyone.


Netil 360 has become one of my favourites places to enjoy amazing views of London whilst having some drinks. Why?
The location is excellent; it is not close to a tube station, which means it does not make things easy for people to get there, tourists won’t go there even if they visit Broadway market, located just around the corner.

The entry is free and you have plenty of space to sit down, lie down in a hammock or cushion, stand back in a deck chair or simply stand up. Enjoy the sun or take refuge from the rain on the benches (fully equipped as hot desks for co-working Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm).


Plenty of space a cloudy day, can´t wait for going back a sunny day!

You get stunning 360 degrees views of London and if everything looks to be too far you can use the small telescopes free of charge. And finally the food is great…
Let’s start with the Choriburger, yes, it is a burger without meat but with chorizo. For a spaniard there are still some shocking things in the spanish London food, one of them is to add chorizo to every spanish typical dish ( if you go to spain please do not expect your paella includes chorizo, it does not need it!).

Surprinsingly, the choriburger was good, a succesful combination or grilled chorizo and tetilla cheese with pickles and sauce, good quality, good recipe to try to cook at home. 5 pounds is amazing value compared to some asian food sold in the stalls of Camden market. In contrast to the spanish tortilla, that was average, nothing special.


Pulpo a la gallega (galician style octopus)

Later we asked the spanish cook about the other dishes. I love octopus, pulpo a la gallega (galician style octopus) is one of my favorites’ Spanish dishes, but again I did not trust too much about the quality and flavors in London. The cook convinced me, and after having ordered he even showed me the fresh package of real octopus from Galicia. And I have to say the pulpo was delicious, served as in Spain with cachelos (boiled potato) and paprika from La Vera (smoked sweet Spanish paprika).


Choriburger and Estrella Galicia

Forget the Pimms or the cider, and try it with one Estrella Galicia, the combination of flavors will take you the best bar de tapas of Spain, under the sun, of course.

I hope I sparked your curiosity to give a try to Netil360, if you go please leave your own impressions in the comments below or post this article in your favourite social network.

More things to do and experience in London coming soon…


**keep calm and drink responsibly!

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